Aug 06 2020

Cricket – The view of a broadcaster.
Speaker Jim Maxwell AM, ABC Cricket Commentator

Jim Maxwell AM
ABC Cricket Commentator

After returning from a cricket tour to UK, West Indies and USA with the Australian Old Collegians, in 1973 Jim Maxwell joined the ABC, initially working as trainee, he later moved on to sports commentary and is best known for his coverage of Australian cricket. He has provided radio commentary for 306 Tests Matches and numerous One Day Internationals, including seven World Cups.

Since the 1983 World Cup in England, he has been a frequent member of the BBC’s Test Match Special team and first commentated on an overseas Ashes tour in 2001. This became a regular fixture in 2005 and his description of England’s dramatic win in the Second Test at Edgbaston that year was both highly memorable and much-admired by colleagues. A sound clip of Jim depicting the dismissal of Sir Andrew Strauss by Shane Warne in the first innings of same match was one of five selected to play over the theme music of Test Match Special podcasts during the 2019 Ashes series.

In his youth, he grew up listening to celebrated cricket commentators such as Australian Alan McGilvray and Englishman John Arlott, both of whom he greatly respected. Jim has his own unique style – at once inflective and laconic – is built upon the authoritative approach of the former with poetic touches reminiscent of the latter, displaying also a wry sense of humour. He is highly respected for his remarkable knowledge of the history of the game, as well as his perceptive comments during his commentary of games.

He has covered a number of sports in addition to cricket, including rugby union, rugby league, golf, hockey and table tennis. He has been involved in radio coverage of at least three Olympic Games. He has edited the ABC Cricket Book since 1988. Jim is President of the Primary Club of Australia, which is a very active cricket based charity providing sporting and recreation facilities for people with disabilities